TEE Time (So I Thought): Still some lumps though.

I was going to put the whining of the past few days behind (except to say it would be nice if the img ‘HSPACE’ attribute was supported – or at least ALIGN, HEIGHT & WIDTH to allow some control); and get on with the original case discussion. BUT… it is hours after I tried to add these image links. At least they now work. It would really be nice if standard img attributes could be used – that is not a security issue.

 Click For Video  Click For Cartoon Outline Likely I can live with that. But enough frustration for one day (actually, it has been enought for at least three). Each time I save the text, it chops a bit more out of the image links, until they eventually disappear, and I have to paste them back in from my wordprocessor. Clearly, it is parsing them, and doing a very bad job of it.

Alles das ist für jetzt Völker, vielleicht morgen?


One Response to “TEE Time (So I Thought): Still some lumps though.”

  1. markrich80962 Says:

    Bueno, algunos de los que hemos creado pu00e1ginas nuevas para el concurso no estamos mal del todo, pero es cierto que los gestores de blogs como WordPress, o La Coctelera en mi caso, no permiten modificar la totalidad del cu00f3digo. Click http://link.mx/hool08200

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