TEE: Not Time For yet, but sometime.

I had forgotten how much time doing anything new with a computer will waste. This seemed a simple concept: put up a blog page with a small TEE clip. Talk about it. Move on to the next clip.

However, finding that I was not spending any TEE Time, but only coding time writing scripts and pages that would allow the clips to be useable (if not embedded) here I decided to give up on WordPress. Surely there must be sites devoted to VLOGS (video logs). I envisioned pages with videos embedded amoungst the text.

Have just spent the past four hours weeding though them. I can tell you that they all either suck, or do not allow any meaningful text. Well, really is not Boolean: many both suck and do not allow meaningful text. All are ugly.

Most do not have embedded video but “click here to view video” links. Gee, sort of like I have here. Only, when those pages open up, they are full screen – obviating any ability to see the text on the original page. Also, many of them are in the internet Red Light district, and, somehow, I do not feel like inviting people to read Reflections on Echo, when the sidebar is flashing an advert for Japanese Schoolgirl Videos.

The most interesting thing that I found was a pair of related sites which have as a goal being a repository for Dead Web Pages, and Live, Newly Created Media. It is a grand idea. I signed up – at both as required to upload media – and then found out that as they are essentially brand new they are not ready for prime time.

Could not upload anything, and, visiting the forums, neither could a lot of other people. May give them a few months and try back, because they will serve the actual video content for free – whilst my own ISP will soon be (if this site ever gets any TEE clips up and if it becomes popular) charging me for extra bandwidth. If you are interested in this idea, visit OurMedia.org & Archive.org (These are not links, only names, as I do not link to sites that do not work: why improve their search ranking?)

So, back I am here. There seems no other way than to settle in for a spell of coding – which is why I had hoped to set it up as a blog and let the blogware do the work. Still do not want to write all the code to serve up live pages, so, for a bit, will just pound together some normal ‘actual’ pages and just like to them from here – using the PopUp window discussed earlier in the blog.

Again, if all goes well, hope to get up a discussion of the only clip on the blog so far …


One Response to “TEE: Not Time For yet, but sometime.”

  1. Terry Bejot Says:

    I made a web site with integrated videos with text, images, and animations. It is currently dedicated to TEE only but we plan to add TTE, US for blocks and lines, and surface US. Check it out and I hope you like it. It will help you learn TEE very quickly.

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