Nice It Would Be IF: Mais étant libre je ne me plaindrai pas. Seulement commentaire.

Which means that as WordPress is freely hosting this blog, I will not complain. Only comment. And my comment is that it would be nice if more HTML tags were supported, especially scripting.

Most likely the restrictions are based on security and cross-browser compatibility. It is a headache however for running TEE clips without them looking too craggy.

Ultimately, the solution will be cgi-script created pages linked from here. Such pages can be popped up in another instance of the browser, with control of size and removal of all the dreadful Browserchromwarenwerkzeugstreifenmenü – to coin a German word for all the toolbars, menus, and chrome gilding in the modern browser.

Even this will not solve the problem of how to have clips play in the blog page, which may drive me to the even more tedious task of setting up a blog server. For the moment, what we have here is a “work-around”, that is, an ugly kludge.

I am happy to explain how it works. Two reasons for this: 1) if someone else needs to put viewable video on a tag-restricted HTML page this does work; 2) I hope that someone out there can show me a better way.

Clearly what is needed is for the videopage to self-popup with the desired size and lack of chrome. Failing that, a loader page could call the actual video-popup page (again with the desired attributes), transfer focus, and then close itself.

The latter approach, at least as I was able to implement it in javascript (a language I have avoided until this morning: why do not browsers parse perl?), fails because, depending upon browser security settings, a “Confirm Close” dialog pops up before one can get to the video-popup page. This definitely interrupts the flow, so ended up settling for a Browserchromwarenwerkzeugstreifenmenü encrusted window which is at least the right size.

The kludge code, which I am not going to line-by-line, as this is a TEE, not a codemonkey, blog, is confined to calling and displaying an HTML popup page of the desired size. A new instance of the browser you are using is forked, so that it can be resized without effecting the size or settings of the browser window you are currently enjoying reading this in.

Please note: In order for this kludge to work for you, you must have an internet server on which you can put your own linked to files. This is indicated by the "" in the code.

The first bit of code is on this, the calling, page, and is simply a link with a target attribute. The target attribute instantiates the new browser window, without that when the called page loads and resizes, this window you are looking through now will be the one that is resized. You will not be happy.

Frustrating it is. Even using the markup does not protect the text inbetween.

So. To see how the code works must use the kludge to call a PopUp Just to see the code! Arrgh.

Irritating it is. Even if free. Must keep that in mind. This is free: except for all the money I have spent on it.

Yes, I do know that in the actual links on this page, if the requested file is not found that FireFox gets confused over what is missing and tells you that you need a new Flash player (when really, it just needs the file that I put in the wrong place). This happens because, in trying to pare down the size of the Flash invocation to a minimum, I pared a bit too much. Will fix Real Soon Now. Has nothing to do with the implementation of the popup.

Hope to do another post later today with something about TEE in it … which is the point of this blog.


8 Responses to “Nice It Would Be IF: Mais étant libre je ne me plaindrai pas. Seulement commentaire.”

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