WWW Video: Une douleur dans l’âne

This is my first attempt at getting video to work cross-browser on the internet. If you have experience with this, you must be smiling.

Sadly, NOT moving
Click HERE to see the LIVE IMAGE

Unfortunately, this now seems to only be working with MS-IE. Looks like a bit more work to be done [A bit later: now working w FireFox, have not tried w Opera].

I am smiling now too … at least I was, until I discovered that WordPress apparently does not support OBJECT IMBEDDING, so am unable to load the clip onto this page.

My first try, as I have a WinTel system, was to go with the MS “avi” format, as it was easy to code into HTML. Sadly, this only seemed to work with MS explorer.

Went through a QuickTime phase, but downloading the viewer was not as transparent as I would have liked. Also, an informal survey showed that more people had Flash, than QT installed.

Actually, more had Real Player, than either: but since I believe that Real Player was the first, or at least one of the first, to introduce stealth datamining to the world, I will have nothing to do with their products.

Of course, one cannot afford anything from Macromedia for a project such as this. After trying several avi -> swf converters I found a solid one called “Video to Flash Converter” from GeoVid. At U$ 60 it was about 2.5 times what I wanted to pay: but it, unlike several others, actually works and seems virus and malware free.

Having spent the day just getting the basics down it is time for a beer.

So I will leave you to contemplate the above clip of a ME4C (Mid Esophageal Four Chamber view) of a person who presented for an emergent CABG on a recent weekend. He arrived in the OR with the usual: IABP, Drips, Confusion. At least there was no CPR.

This clip was made after he was stabilized, and before CPB. What do you think of the EF ( was on mil/epi/ntg w boli of nore/vasop). Chamber size? And just how are those walls moving?

Answers, at least mine, in the near future.

BTW please let me know if I left any identifiable information on the clip. I do NOT want to be stomped by a Hippa.

Brunnen. Möglicherweise ZWEI Biere.


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